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Internship/Job Shadowing

Find something you enjoy doing, then figure out a way to get paid for doing it.

That was the simple, yet profound, advice a mentor once offered his young protégé. Too often, however, students and career seekers do the opposite: they decide on a high-paying or high-prestige job first, then try to make themselves “like” the job or the course of study necessary to obtain it. Or they chose an occupation based on what sounds good (or that others want them to pursue) rather than a career that’s actually something they’d enjoy doing. The key is to learn more about various occupations and determine which ones appeal to you. But if you’re still in school, or between careers, how do you do that? Luckily, there are several ways to gain information and experience in fields you might find interesting.

Internships are temporary working arrangements made with a company or organization. An internship may last a few weeks or a few months, and can be paid or unpaid. Often, they are done for college credit, depending on the circumstances. Completing an internship will give you valuable work experience, a résumé credit, a good reference and professional contacts.

Job Shadowing is a short-term observation experience whereby students accompany workers as they go about their day performing duties in their everyday work environment. Students benefit from seeing work as it is performed in actual employment situations and enjoy learning firsthand from adults who have careers in a variety of occupational fields. Job shadowing also gives students a chance to ask any questions you might have about the job and how to prepare for it. Go to for more information.

Clinical experiences are available to students enrolled in the Cosmetology and Health Assisting, and Protective Services programs. They are intended to provide valuable hands-on experiences and observation of professionals. Clinical experience takes students into the actual workplace for a short period of time, whereby they perform day-to-day operations and job functions. Students must meet eligibility requirements to participate.

For more information contact:

Jen Nix
Workforce Development Coordinator
724.627.3106 ext. 236

Nondiscrimination Policy
The Greene County Career & Technology Center does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability or ages in its programs or activities. Career and Technical Education program offerings include: Automotive Collision and Body Repair, Automotive Technology, Building and Construction Occupations, Computer Networking Technology, Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Electrical Occupations, Emergency and Protective Services, Health Assistant, Precision Machining, Sports Medicine and Rehab Therapy, Welding and Licensed Practical Nursing (adults only). Admission to the programs depends upon availability and class size and sending school districts criteria. Inquires may be directed to the Greene County Career and Technology’s Title IX Coordinator or the Section 504 Coordinator at 60 Zimmerman Drive, Waynesburg, PA or call 724-627-3106.