Precision Machining

Instructor: Mr. Rob Barclay

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The Machine Shop Program is a three-year competency-based program designed to prepare student for successful entry-level employment. A machine shop is a place in which metal parts are cut to size required and put together to form mechanical units or machines. Machine shop work is the basis of all mechanical production. Students involved in the Machine Shop Course have the opportunity to operate the standard machines used in industry.

The application of mathematics and blueprint reading is emphasized throughout the course in the design preparation and set up of various jobs to be machined. Related theory, also an important phase of the work, acquaints students with the characteristics of metals, action of metal cutting tools, cutting speeds and feeds, gear trains, heat treatment of steels, strength of materials, stresses and strains, etc. Time is devoted to layout work and construction and assembly of machinery.

Interests   Skills

If you have the following interests, then this program may be for you:

  1. mechanical things and working with my hands
  2. work on your own without people watching over me
  3. know how to use computers to control heavy equipment
  4. the challenge of high production work
  5. do things that require accuracy and concentration
  6. take pride in seeing the final results of my work
  7. use heavy machines to do very detailed work
  8. learn about the physical properties of metals things like:
    • how they are made
    • how they react to heat and pressure
    • what makes them hard or soft

If you have the following skills, then this program may be for you:

  1. coordinate your eyes and hands or fingers rapidly and accurately
  2. move fingers to manipulate small objects rapidly or accurately
  3. work with your hands in a placing and turning motion; move my hands easily and steadily
  4. do reasonably well in math and science
  5. read technical material and follow detailed diagrams
  6. think in a very logical way
  7. withstand constant and extreme noise
  8. withstand fumes, odors, and dust
  9. extend your arms in all directions
  10. work carefully with metals of extreme temperatures
  11. stand for long periods of time while working
  12. concentrate for long periods of time
  13. make precise measurements
  14. perform repetitive work continuously according to set procedures, sequences, or pace
Industry Certification   Uniform Requirements
National Institute for Metal Working (NIMS) - Machining I and/or II
Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)
  • Steel toe shoes
  • Safety glasses (provided)
Career Potential Upon Completion of the Program   Career Potential with further Education and Training
  • CAD/CAM (computer assisted design/manufacturing) operations
  • Machinist CNC (computer controlled) machining
  • Industrial equipment maintenance/installation
  • Industrial equipment parts/sales
  • Metal fabrication Tool & die/mold/model making
  • Architectural/environmental design
  • Computer science engineer
  • Drafting technology
  • Industrial technology
  • Machine technology
  • Manufacturing technology
  • Mechanical/manufacturing/civil/industrial engineering
  • Mechanical technology
Career Technical Student Orgranization   Post-secondary Options
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