Electrical Occupations

Instructor: Mr. Bob Mitchell - National Technical Honor Society Advisor

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The Electrical Occupations program provides an understanding of basic electricity. Students receive classroom training and practical experience in the installation of circuits, switches, conduits, circuit breakers, and other electrical devices.

Interests   Skills

If you have the following interests, then this program may be for you:

  1. working as a member of a team
  2. to work with my hands
  3. solving problems that involve mechanical things
  4. take pride in seeing a completed job I've done well
  5. perform work that requires some physical activity

If you have the following skills, then this program may be for you:

  1. compute math problems reasonably well
  2. read and follow instructions
  3. understand detailed diagrams
  4. work carefully and safely
  5. lift up to 50 pounds
  6. maintain good balance while walking, standing or crouching
  7. stand, stoop, bend, crouch, and reach while working
  8. work with your hands in placing and turning motions
  9. move hands easily and skillfully
  10. coordinate eyes and hands or fingers rapidly and accurately
  11. extend hands and arms in any direction
  12. climb ladders, scaffolding and other high structures.
Industry Certification   Uniform Requirements
Pennsylvania Builders Association Skills Certificate
Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)
  • Work Clothes or Coveralls
  • Safety glasses (provided)
Career Potential Upon Completion of the Program   Career Potential with further Education and Training
  • Telephone Network Installation: Trained lineman Installer-Telephone/Cable/Television
  • Lineman Electrical Occupations: Electrician's Helper Apprentice
  • Telephone Network Installation and Electrical Occupations
  • Licensed Electrician
  • Electrical Maintenance
  • Electrical Technician Instructor
  • Residential/Commercial/Institutional/Industrial
  • Electrician Inspector Foreman/Supervisor
Career Technical Student Orgranization   Post-secondary Options
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