GCCTC Online Education Information for COVID-19 Closure

The GCCTC has provided a way to continue education and instruction to students during the closure. Students can access classwork online through Schoology. Some teachers are using Google Classroom or ClassDojo. If your instructor is using either one of these they will notify you. Click the link, and enter the Class Code listed below for your class. If you need to reach your instructor, please call the school at 724-627-3106 and dial the 3 digit extension, as soon as the auto attendant answers, for the instructor you wish to reach. For students who are working on their OSHA 10 training, a link has also been provided below.
GCCTC Extension List:
Class: Instructor: Ext: Schoology Class Code:
Auto Collision
Todd Keiffer
235 TGHD-8XNX-97P35
Auto Technology Dave Thistlethwaite 213 NXMT-F5VQ-6XXDZ
Building Construction Larry Frank 259 WQW4-9DP3-PWVWW
Computer Networking Chris Ralston 225
First year students: T4LY2M2
(Google Classroom)
Computer Networking Chris Ralston 225 Second/Third year students: ZLHHBIW (Google Classroom)
Cosmetology Nicole Shearer 210 8NFQ-TNZN-K5V2X
Culinary Arts Dan Wagner 245 J6NF-N28J-WVJN9
Electrical Occupations Bob Mitchell 232 JMGS-HZF9-5GV6D
Emergency Services Adam Wilkinson 253 9XKHC-XX4TH
Precision Machining Rob Barclay 233 F44H-C8QR-K3R77
Health Assistance Stacey Wheaton 240 k3d2uo7  (Google Classroom)
Welding Fabrication Shawn Golden 254 WJ5K6-G5877
Facilitator Mr. Spinella 239 none
Facilitator Mrs. Goodwin 241 none
LPN Megan Trump 224  
LPN Toni Lemely 326  
LPN Judi Swauger 208  
LPN Jill Summersgill 201  
Greene Academy Jeremy Fisher 244  
When the Auto Attendant answers, just dial the 3 digit extension of the instructor you wish to reach. These extensions will forward to their cell phones from 8:30am to 2:30pm Mon-Fri. If you call outside these hours, the phone call will just go to their voicemail box at the school and won't be forwarded. We ask that you DO NOT leave a voicemail, as no one will be checking them. Simply hang up, and try again within the specified hours.