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The Pennsylvania Telecommunications Relay Service (PA TRS) is a relay telecommunication service for the deaf, hard of hearing, hearing and/or speech disabled population of the Commonwealth. The PA TRS is mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 to provide functionally equivalent telephone services that are available to other U.S. citizens, at no additional cost. The PA TRS includes both traditional relay (devices such as Teletypewriters (TTY) and Telecommunication Devices for the Deaf (TDD)) and captioned-telephone voice-carry-over relay services (captioned telephone). These relay services permit telephone communications between individuals with hearing and/or speech disabilities, who must use a TTY, TDD or captioned telephone, with individuals having normal hearing and speech. Additionally, 711 abbreviated dialing is available to access the PA TRS. The Company’s switching equipment is arranged to translate the “711” calls to the assigned toll-free number, (888) 895-1197, in order to route calls to the Telecommunications Relay Service Provider, in accordance with Commission’s Order entered on February 4, 2000 at Docket No. M-00900239.