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The BotsIQ program is a club that meets during normal session time at the career center.
Students in this club can put their passion for robotics together with their classmates in other programs to plan, design, fabricate, and compete in battle bots competitions. 
The BotsIQ Club Advisors are: Chris Ralston and Jen Nix
The BotsIQ Club Members are: Dylan Peruzzi, BotsIQ Ambassador, Computer Networking.
                                                            Andrew Welsh, Student Officer, Welding.
                                                            Aiden Jacoby, Precision Machining
                                                            Justin Manning, Computer Networking
                                                            Jacob Dane, Computer Networking
Bots will Battle - Sparks will Fly!
BotsIQ is an innovative educational program of the Pittsburgh Chapter National Tooling & Machining
Foundation, A 501(C)(3) non-profit organization and approved PA EITC Educational Improvement Organization.