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Natalie Goodwin, M.Ed.

Learning Support Facilitator

Greene County Career and Technology Center






The Greene County Career and Technology Center offers learning support services for all CTE program areas.

The Greene County CTC offers an array of special education services for students enrolled in career and technical education (CTE) programs.  The Special Education Facilitator collaborates with the sending school districts and their CTE liaisons/administrators. The Special Education Facilitator participates in IEP meetings to ensure appropriate scheduling and accommodations are being met and implemented for students attending the CTC. The Learning Facilitator also discusses the CTE program offerings and requirements for each program with 9th grade and new incoming students during IEP meetings. The Facilitator also works with the on-site CTE program instructors to insure proper implementation of IEPs and accompanying SDIs. Students have access to the resource room for additional supports and CTE curriculum remediations.

The Learning Support Facilitator works with the sending school districts Special Education Teachers from 5 sending schools.  The Learning Support Facilitator works with the CTC instructors to check on the progress of Special Education Students throughout the school year. IEP student input on how a student is doing in the program of study is requested by a case manager a month before an annual student IEP meeting.  The Learning Facilitator gathers the information which includes present levels of performance, current marking period grades, attendance, specific target behaviors affecting student performance, transition goals, and sends it to the special education case manager at least a week before an IEP meeting. The Learning Support Facilitator also attends the student IEP meeting by phone or in person if possible to discuss CTC progress.

The Learning Facilitator also works alongside the math and reading coaches, guidance counselor and workforce development coordinator to ensure the students needs are being met through student SDIs.  The Learning Facilitator works with the math and reading coaches to develop plans for NOCTI remediation/testing and brainstorming ideas and lessons for class journals.  The Learning Facilitator meets with the guidance counselor at the CTC to ensure the student needs are being met, transition goals, post-secondary education information and career counseling for students. Finally, the Learning Support Facilitator works with the workforce development coordinator to ensure students who are interested in going onto cooperative education and job shadowing have a meeting to discuss the students IEP and any concerns.

The Learning Support Facilitator is committed to making sure that CTE students with exceptionalism learn in least restrictive environments and achieve to the highest possible level when enrolled in a CTE program of study. 

"The best way to predict the future is to create it." (Abraham Lincoln)

Resource Room

A resource room is available to students for remediation and extra support with testing, assignments, class projects and theory review. The resource room offers a forum away from classroom distractions where student can use the resources to focus on class assignments, projects and tests.

Learning Support Facilitator Services

  • Attend IEP meetings 9th grade and current student annual IEP meetings.
  • Modify curriculum on an individual as needed basis according to SDIs.
  • Monitor special education student progress, grades and attendance in CTE program.
  • Liaison to 5 school districts and IU1 Waynesburg Education Campus.
  • Assist CTE instructor with adaptations and modifications.
  • Adapt written and academic work on an as needed basis.
  • Assist students with study skills.
  • Assist students with test taking.
  • Assist students with transition planning.
  • OVR (Office of Vocational Rehabilitation) and Southwest Training Services Contact.